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its was cool

just not as funny as your older work but expectation is so high when you do a flash idk i think youve outgrown these type of short funny parodys you should do a serious series like adam phillips does.

probably my favorite

still trying to decide between yours and johny utahs but i loved how you put so many characters into it ! I like the marvel capcom super fun time yaaa....okaaaay better. I like the style very much too you should do more!!!!

good shit

i enjoyed this piece on many levels animation was tight story wasnt bad fight scenes and angles where great. still wanted to put my two cents though to reply on the comment ur character had bout why God creates thoses destined to burn in hell. the way i see it, it all goes back to free will. to create life it was only just that God would give us free will to chose to do right or wrong and also pay for our own mistakes. God can create u with he best intentions just like u could have a son and have the best intentions for him but if ur son wants to be like hitler theres nothing much u can do unless u imposed on his free will.

JazLyte responds:

The point of what he was saying is that if God knows a guy is going to burn in hell anyway, why would he even make the person believing he has a choice in the matter? If there's one future outcome, there can't be any choices, because there's only ONE thing that's going to happen. If it's like that, human life is just an exhibition with no real point. Just like this cartoon!

Don't ponder thoughts you've heard cartoon characters say, it ain't healthy ;) Glad you enjoyed the toon though!

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great game on many levels who cares if theres bugs here and there i just couldnt stop playin it. i love how the ghost have stories to them and its dark fairy tale like things about it. music was cool too i gave up and watched the walk thru but then i still went thru the motions for myself thats how much i enjoyed this game. great work !

enjoyed it mostly

it was an enjoyable game as long as u didnt take th e story seriously. the way u mixed the word into the story was unsettling though u coulda done with out it cuz it didnt serve a good purpose for your story or for God if u ask me. and the hypocritical christian that distorts the word so he could do what he wants made me a lil confused cuz in the end the worldly people who dnt really walk with God much at all ended up being the survivors. im guessing u wanted to have a christian moral to it but it wasnt is what im trying to get at. it was more like a bad horror movie but it was worth playing it was definetely funny and interesting.

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